Matt Ginnard

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I am VP of Design at Clearbit. My focus is on shaping and building our Design programs, and shepherding customer experience, product design & development, design strategy, brand, marketing communications, and design systems.

I have a background in interdisciplinary design & development, primarily in human interfaces, digital products, and design systems. Prior to Clearbit, I was a design lead for developer experience (and scaling this for enterprise), the developer platform and tooling, real-time data products, design systems, and [redacted] at Heroku, a Salesforce company.

I am a firm believer that we can solve hard problems and do great things, together.

If you'd like to talk products, design, strategy, systems, teams, investments, or just grab coffee, get in touch by email or LinkedIn.


  • People.
  • Communication, at scale.
  • Humanizing data, interfaces, interactions.
  • GTM strategies, packaging, and product alignment.
  • End-to-end experiences.
  • Team-building, team dynamics, organizational growth.
  • Informal (and formal) leadership.
  • Design Systems and systems design.
  • Patterns, blueprints, components.
  • Utility-first, performant, atomic CSS.
  • APIs, evented architecture, automation, workflows.
  • Metrics, monitoring, visualization, alerting.
  • Investment opportunities.


VP of Design. Leading our Design program across Product, Brand, and Marketing Communications. Shaping strategy, vision, execution and team to deliver the data-driven demand gen engine for your business, full stop. In addition to primary responsibilities, and as a personal goal to go from ideas to designs to code to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible, I sponsored and co-created ClearKit (our design system). The design and development libraries are currently in use across Clearbit. (Previously Head of Design, and Product Designer.)
Heroku (Salesforce)
Lead designer, product design. Embedded on Heroku's developer and data platforms, I focused on application metrics & operational experience, developer experience, workflows & automation, design systems, and security.
Runscope (Now CA Technologies)
Principal product designer, frontend engineer, and part of the founding team. I helped define, design, build, and ship what would become an API testing & monitoring platform. This was a defining period of growth for me: Runscope provided unfiltered, direct experience in building a business, generating revenue, and scaling an organization.
Apigee (Now Google Cloud)
UX designer. B2D & B2B SaaS and a deep-dive into building for developer experience. I focused primarily on interface design for enterprise API gateways and bringing simplicty to complex challenges: data transformations, security policies, key management, etc.
Apple (Still Apple)
Production designer & localization engineer. A cyclic hustle to make US product documentation available for international markets in 33+ languages, ahead releases for iOS, OS X, iPhone, iPad, Mac, AppleTV, and more.


I've been incredibly lucky to work with amazing people over the years. If you're curious about what people have had to say about working with me, you can find a few kind words from colleagues past & present on LinkedIn.