Hi, I’m Matthew Ginnard,

I design and build API developer tools, most recently with the wickedly smart team at Runscope. I love APIs & documentation, HTML + CSS, JavaScript, UI states, data, building teams, and building products deeper than just interfaces.

Together, let’s solve problems.

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Real-time API Traffic Alerts


Helping Developers and Operations spot errors in critical API transactions in real-time. Monitors with configurable rules watch your API traffic and send notifications via email, Slack, Hipchat, or webhooks as soon as the rules you define match live API traffic (and subsequent notifications on 10th match, 100th match, 1000th match and so on). Built into a flexible 2-up, 3-up and 4-up grid with view filtering, Traffic Alerts become an operational dashboard that allows you to drill down and inspect the API calls that matter.

Payment API — 504 Gateway Timeouts
30d 30d 1d 1d 1h 1h
Monitoring Monitoring Paused
Alert matches since last acknowledgedView Requests
Last Acknowledged

Traffic Alert with sample data being generated. Try acknowledging or pausing the Alert to view it's different states. I set it up so these Alert states — Triggered, Paused, Monitoring — are controlled by a single CSS class change.

Button States Normal Hover Active Disabled

I included a 100ms ease CSS transition between the button states, softening visual transitions but keeping it fast enough that those transitions don't appear sluggish.

API Tests Dashboard


Get a comprehensive view of your APIs, their performance, and catch errors before your customers do.

Giving Developers building APIs, Operations keeping mission-critical services up, and Product Managers responsible for the APIs and products relying on them, an at-a-glance view of API health and performance. Find a failing test and get right to the cause. Surface problematic APIs. Run tests against your APIs from around the globe, and keep an eye on the services that matter most to your team and your customers.

Radar Test Environments

We set out to build a condensed view of an API test: the configuration, performance, and recent test results. Screenshot of an API test card concept, used for design feedback and product + engineering planning. The full API Tests Dashboard is available at runscope.com/radar.

Each green, red, or orange lozenge represents a test result — Passed, Failed, or Running — and is a link to the test result. Because a large organization may have hundreds (or thousands) of tests and the Tests Dashboard also serves as a navigation into a Test Editor, we added a filter-by-name mechanism to quickly surface specific tests. Important tests can be starred, pinning them to the top of the tests grid. For operational awareness, we added the ability to "live-sort" tests by name, failures first, and last run, bringing tests that match that criteria to the top as tests continue to run.

Interested in what I'm doing? Say hi and let's talk design.

I have had the pleasure of working with great people and talented teams at Atlantic Records, Zeitgeist Artist Management, Apple, Apigee, and now, Runscope. If you're curious about what people have said about working with me, you can see a few recommendations on LinkedIn.